Batch Plants and Towers

Stationary 6,000lb - 7,000lb Simplicity Batch Plant

Brand: Simplicity Output: 6,000-7,000lbs Portability: Stationary 125hp pugmill 20hp screen 4 hot bins 50hp bucket elevator duel chain 17.5"x9" buckets Dryer Approx. 8'x32' Cradle chain driven 150hp motor w/gearbox Reject chute Some patching done. Dryer thickness- burner end, .42/.41/.35 Gencor Burner, 39,000cfm Ran on oil 60hp blower 4 Cold feed bins 30" 3hp feeders 30" 7.5hp gathering Bin dividers Mesh liners Bin 1 has some minor holes Incline conveyor 7.5hp 28" belting Baghouse Herman Grant 3 section Airpulse 42 pulsars Twin 125hp fan. (1 motor missing) 7.5hp auger Rotary valve 12" auger feeds bucket elevator LEROI compressor A.C. System 1 -1971 Chattanooga tank s/n 17870-02-1 Model 120-as Approx. 3 feet of ac in tank Heater w/ power flame burner Honeywell control 2-8000-gallon fuel tanks 1-10,000-gallon fuel tank small tack tank Controls- NO CONTROL HOUSE Computer controls in block building w/ mcc center All wire above ground PLANT STILL STANDING

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Stationary 10,000lb Gentec/CMI Batch Plant

Make: Gen-Tec/CMI Year: 1994 Output: 10,000lbs Portability: Stationary Cold Feed: No bins Couple micro feeders 23 1/2" conveyor 20hp motor New belt 2009 cold elevator: New drive in 2007 New gearbox 2008 Dryer: 9'x34' drum New flights 2 trunnions and bearings in 2008 New drive in 2009 Cyclone: 12' diameter 22' height Burner: sj520 Hauck Hot Elevator: CMI st-500 450tph capacity Screen: Diester screen deck Model 5514005 5'x14' Hot Bin: 4-bins 45ton capacity Pugmill: New bearing, Drive gears, and heatbox in 2009 A.C: A.C bucket and scale Injection pump Transfer line 4' injection valve Baghouse: Griffen dusty dustless pulse-jet 75kscfm All new bags in 2009 Joy Tristar screw compressor Exhaust stacks and fan: 54' diameter stack NY blower 200hp Dust silo: Approximately, 1,000bbl Hold 100tons of dust CMI silo system: Model #h5-167 New 24' transfer auger (2) 150t silo 28" slat conveyor 75hp motor Cardinal scale 80ft A.C. Systems: (2) 14,000g 18,000g Tanker loads Viking A.C. pumps Hi-way hot oil heater 1.5mbtu 3" jacket lines on the piping network Other: Siemens starters, breakers, size 1-5 contacts, libra generation 3 batch/loadout software.

Stationary 12,000LB McCarter Batch Plant

Make: McCarter Output: 12,000lb Portability: Stationary Batch System: McCarter 12,000 lb 200 hip Motor and Dodge TDT 1225 Drive Hot Bins: 4 120 Tons Hi and Lo Bindicators Diester Screen 5'x16' x 3.5 Decks Inclined 25 hp Motor Hot Bucket Elevator: 18"x10"x 10.5" Buckets Driven by a 40 hp Motor and Dodge TD 825 Drive Rex ES 856 Chain Dryer: 9'x40' Driven by Two 60 hip Motors and Four TDT 725 Dodge Drive Gencor Ultra Flame Burner Model UF 2-100 91 Million BTU's 52,000 cfm Blower Burner Control Burner is a Combo Oil/Gas. Cold Feed System: 6 50 Ton Cold Feed Bins with Three F 330's and Two F 380's Syntron Feeders and One Belt Feeder 30" Main Feed Conveyor One Lime Silo with Dust return System to plant One Knock Out Box with return Feed System Dust Collection: Meeker Dust Collector Jet Pulse Approximately 700 Nomex 14 oz Bags, 69,000 cfm One Air Compressor One Exhaust Fan Driven by a 150 hp Motor and Drive Exit Fan Damper Stack A.C. System: Three 30,000-Gal Electric Heated Asphalt tanks Asphalt Pumping System Asphalt Piping One 20,000-Gal Fuel Tank All Motor Starters, Wiring and Controls. This plant was last tested in March of 2018. General over all condition of this plant is Very good. There is a NEW set of Bags for the Baghouse......The Dryer shell is 90%. Flights are in very Good cond

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Stationary 6,000lb Barber Greene Batch Plant

Make: Barber Greene Output: 6,000lb Portability: Stationary BE 60 x 258 6,000 lb. BATCH TOWER Diester horizontal screen deck Extended hot bins Hot Bucket Elevator Chain and Buckets in good condition DC 65 X 253 (8’x 32’) Dryer Shells has some patching Trunnions, chain, sprockets in good condition 2001 Genco AF-40 combo burner. Set on natural gas Barber Green burner controls CF-130 L237 Barber Greene Pulse Jet Baghouse 41,000acfm 600 51/4” x 12’ bags in good condition PN 40 x 227 (4) bin Barber Greene Cold Feed 9’ x 13’ variable speed 3hp D.C motors with bin extenders. (2) with bin vibrators 24” x 8’ feed belts 32” collecting belt 32” x 60’ incline belt from cold feed to dryer 3 feeders ok, one needs rebuilding Inferno-Thurm Electric A.C. Tank 20,000 gallons Skid mounted Stationary Control House AB-500 Seltec computer controls Barber Greene control stations M.C.C (Located under control house) Barber Greene Dust Silo 500BBL (Square silo) Binvent (Baghouse) Pneumatic weigh pod with rotary air lock Misc. Parts

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Stationary 1 Ton Cedarapids Batch Plant

Make: Cedarapids Output: 1 ton Portability: Stationary Cold Feed: Four (4) 8'x 8 aggregate bins with variable syntron feeders with controllers 24" collecting conveyor and 24" x48' elevating conveyor to a 4’x 5’ scalping screen to an incline belt. Dryer Drum: Cedarapids 5' x 24 dryer drum with bull gear drive 40hp gears new in 2005 Genco AF-25(new flights 2003) Batch Tower: Cedarapids tower and bucket elevator #2000 mixer with 75 hp drive mixer rebuilt April 2004 3 1/2 deck flat screen mixer sped up to mix 80 tph per hour @ 30 second mixing time Air System: 30,000 acfm baghouse (new bags and cages 2002) Controls: 10'x10' uniframe control house with manual controls Mounted in block building A.C. System: 2-12,000 coiled tanks with hot oil heater 3" jacketed ac pump with 15 hp motor Plant cleaned and painted. Plant missing all wire.

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Stationary 10,000lb H&B Batch Plant (Partial)

WILL SELL COMPONENTS SEPERATELY! Make: H&B Year: 1989 Output: 10,000lb Portability: Stationary Low tonnage 5'x16' diester 3 deck screen model UHFP-3516 4 Hot bins 150HP pugmill with a lot of spare parts 40HP Bucket elevator with 10"x20" buckets and 128' chain. 68000cfm baghouse with some bags and cages stored in Conex box. 9'4" x 40' HB dryer w/ Gencor AF 135 burner. No bins or tanks. Plant has low tonnage plant. All equipment on ground and ready for load out.

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Stationary 4,000lb Standard Steele Batch Plant

Make: Standard Steele Output: 4,000lb Portability: Stationary Cold feed system: Two bin cold feed missing plant feed conveyor Plant needs feed conveyor to the dryer Rap system: Bin and conveyor Dryer: Standard Steel 6' x 28' with gravity feed inlet Bottom left discharge 50 hp wrap chain drive assembly. (No Burner) Dust system: Stansteel Baghouse Portable Frame (No Axles) Reverse Air (Missing Reversing Fan) Triple Auger Discharge (Look To be almost new) Front Knock Out Box with Independent Auger Discharge 44,170 ACFM 8,834 SQFT of Cloth Single 150 Hp Motor with New York Blower Size 44 PLR Tower: Vertical bucket elevator 2 ton tower with Symons 5' x 14' screen 4,000# twin shaft pug-mill with 100 hp drive motor Four hot bins Pug-mill has new shaft on site Liquid asphalt: Viking plant pump. Fuel system: Skid mounted 15,000-gallon horizontal storage fuel tank Process heating pre-heater Control house: Auto-mated plant controls Starters, and breakers are in a NEMA enclosure. Control house is located on the tower with air and heat, plant has above ground wiring.

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Stationary 6,500lb McCarter Batch Plant

McCarter 6,500lb Batch Plant 1 Used, McCarter, 6500 lb., Batch Plant with Four Hot Bins, 5 x 16 Simplicity, 3.5 Deck, Horizontal Screen, 1 Viking Asphalt Metering Pump 1 Hot Bucket Elevator with 8” x 18” Buckets. Good Buckets 1 8’ x 34’, Gear Drive, Insulated, Gravity Feed, Counter Flow Dryer. Good Shell. 1 Hauck Burner, Star Jet , 360, Oil and Heavy Fuels 1 Hot Oil Pre Heater, Hy-Way 50 KW, 1 Pre Cleaner, Knock Out Box with Supports 1 Over Sized, Baghouse with Bottom Screw Conveyor and Smoot Vane Air Lock. 1 Quincy Air Compressor 1 New York Blower Exhaust Fan and Motor 5 12’ x 15' Cold Feed Bins with 30” x 5’ Belt Feeders 1 30” x 130’ Collecting Conveyor, 1 30” x 100’ Dryer Feed Conveyor 1 60 Ton Dust Silo with Dust Blower, 5” line System with Truck Feed 1 20,000 Gal. Coiled, Asphalt Storage Tank with Pumps 1 25,000 Gal. Coiled, Asphalt Storage Tank 1 30,000 Gal # 2, Fuel Oil Tank, Fuel Oil Pump 1 16,000 Gal # 5, Waste Oil tank 1 300 Gal Tack Oil Tank with Tack Oil Pump 1 Carlin Hot Oil Heater Model 701 CRD Burner. One Dayton Hot Oil Pump 1 BlackMere 4” x 4” Asphalt Pump 1 Asphalt Unloading 3” x 3” Asphalt Unloading Pump Good Condition Misc. Spare Parts All Books, Manuals and Prints. Over all condition is in good running shape.

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Stationary 5,000LB Cedarapids Batch Plant (Tower/Pugmill Only) - Stationary

Make: Cedarapids Output: 5,000lbs Portability: Stationary ONLY TOWER/PUGMILL Tower: 5,000 lb Model: H-50c Pugmill: 125 hp motor Pugmill has 1 season on shaft, bull gears, tips and shanks DOWN ON THE GROUND READY TO LOAD.

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Stationary 5,000 Cedarapids Batch Plant/Drying Package

Brand: Cedarapids Output: 5,000lbs Portability: Stationary Cedarapids Batch 2.5 Ton 2.5 Deck Screen Rebuilt Hot Bucket Elevator Cast Iron Buckets Recent New Chain before shut down 2 seasons ago Dryer McDermot 6' x 33' Double Hauck Burners Oil/Gas with Burner Control Center Discharge Air Gear Drive Gas Train Recent New Flights and Combustion Chamber before shut down 2 seasons ago Micro Pulse Air Jet Pulse Baghouse. 54,000 cfm. Bottom Screw 2 Gardner Denver Air Compressors with Air Coolers Fan to BH 250 hp Dust Return system to 350 BBL Dust Silo. Matrane Pressure Pot Cold Feed Bins Five 10 x 10 Bins with Syntron Feeders Model FH 27 & 33 Cold Bucket Feed to Dryer Allis Chalmers Heat Control Baghouse Valve. Protects baghouse from overheating. Libra Computer and Motor Controls on Tower New Combustion Chamber

Semi-Portable 4,000lb Stansteel Batch Plant

Make: Stansteel Output: 4,000lbs Portability: Semi-Portable Stansteel 4,000 lb. batch tower- Stansteel (Model: tm 40 sn#566) Portable (3 axles) Screen Hot bins and bucket elevator come off and tower drops down for transportation 5,000 lb pugmill (60 cuft pugmill) 125 hp pugmill motor 4-hot bins with bindicators f-tech screen deck hot elevator drops down for transport reject chute Portable (7’x 22’) standard steel dryer cradle chain driven Three axles Model: 722 S/N: 5665 Gencor AF-40 burner set up to burn diesel both The tower and drum are on one load Drum thickness: .25/.31/.33 Triple axle. 4 bin cold feed Variable speed 8’x 10’ bins Stansteel 3hp d.c. reliance motors 24”x 5’ variable speed feeders 30”x 50’ collecting belt Missing belt collapsible bin dividers with loading side bulkhead. Portable double cyclone system 10” auger to hot elevator Control House Single axle Genco Genie burner controls Push button start Stop station MMC center mounted on tower plant still erected

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Stationary 4,000lb Standard Steele Batch Plant (Tower Only)

Brand: Standard Steele Output: 4,000lb Portability: Stationary Standard steel tower: 2 ton (4,000 lb) rebuilt pugmill 10 tons on complete rebuild (4) 35-ton hot bins Hi-Lo-Mid Bindicators Air operated gates 4’ x 12’, 3 deck horizontal screen 4-ton batcher under tower Hot bucket elevator

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